Dr. Stefan Theis
Eidgenössisches Nuklearsicherheitsinspektorat Villigen-ENSI Switzerland
Since 1.2004 ENSI: expert, since 2007 section head „transportation and waste treatment“; dept. division head „waste management“
5.1992 – 12.2003 GNS mbh, Essen: division head „waste management (solid waste)“ including sections: waste treatment, waste documentation, transport
3.1991 – 5.1992 Division head „health physics and nuclear measurements“ at R+A Co., Jülich
1.1990 – 2.1991 Expert at fed. Ministry of resarch and technology, Bonn, section „nuclear fuel cycle“
4.1988 – 12.1989 Karlsruhe pilot reprocessing plant: chief of operational laboratory
10.1986 – 3.1988 NPP Beznau, Switzerland: Project manager in chemistry division
7.1986 PhD at Cologne university in nuclear chemistry


Fields of competence
  • 14 year of chairing WENRA workig group „Waste and Decommissioning”
  • Holistic and specific aspects of radwaste and spent fuel management:
    • waste arisings
    • treatment and storage
    • transport
    • return of reprocessing residues
  • National and international regulations
  • Team member of ARTEMIS missions
  • Various other IAEA activities
Dr. Stefan Theis